You have just spent your last holidays in a mobile-home and you are asking yourself: « Why don’t we buy one? »
Indeed, you have spent your holidays in one of these lovely small houses enjoying both camping and the comfort of a small flat, and now you can’t imagine spending your holidays somewhere else!

But before taking the decision and buying your own mobile-home, you want to know the good practices, which is understandable!

So here it is what you must know before purchasing your mobile-home

First: how long can I keep it?
A mobile-home will last from 15 to 25 years, all depends on its quality when you buy it and the care you will give it.

How can it be conveyed?
You cannot convey it by yourself, it must be transported on a wide load by a road haulage contractor.
Moreover, when you buy a mobile-home, you will have to choose a place for it. So think about it before buying it!

The best:
You will rent your mobile-home! So, the place is very important.
Between 15 and 25 years, purchasing a mobile-home can become very profitable.
Choose a campsite open all year with many services for maximum benefit and to rent it anytime!
When you buy your mobile-home, as when you buy a house or a flat, pay attention to the thermal insulation. If the mobile-home is badly insulated, your electricity bill may increase very fast!

So become an owner in the Oréades!