After the Christmas preparations, the New Year’s Eveis eagerly awaited to have fun and dance !

During this night, we propose some activities to make this night 2016-2017 a wonderful moment you will not forget!

  • First, for this night, you must make sure you have good music and a good diner. You must also think up activities and choose strategic moments before the atmosphere goes down.

Surprise activity: confetti and paper streamers for the children

Children can also participate to the New Year’s activities. Why not give the responsibility of the paper streamers to the children? So, you can buy some paper streamers, confetti and above all some blowpipes with balls.

After having hidden them to make a surprise, take them at midnight and share out them among the children! Do not hesitate to have plenty of them to have a crazy night. A little extra that the children will enjoy: the silly string spray streamers.

And even if they are for children, you will see that adults will enjoy them.

The New Year’s resolutions quiz

It may be funny to invent a game about the resolutions. During the dinner, each person makes guess his/her friends one of his/her 2017’s resolutions. A small quiz to begin the year with a lot of motivation and to know better the guests.

Game: who am I?

At the beginning of the night, give a piece of paper and a pen to each player.

Each player will have to write what comes to his/her mind: movie star, object, character…
After this, collect all the papers and put them in a salad bowl.

Mix and ask each player to draw a paper without reading it and to stick it to the forehead using tape.

Each player will be able to see what it is written on the forehead of his/her friends and will be able to answer to his/her questions. Form a circle and start the game!

Each one his turn, the player guesses who he/she is by asking closed questions only to the persons on his/her right.

But who are you? It’s up to you to know it!

« Am I a man? »
« Yes, you are! »
« Did I act in the film The Titanic? »
« Yes, you did! »
« I am Leonardo DiCaprio! »

Game: in my suitcase, I have got a champagne glass!

To liven the night and wait for the dessert, why not play the game « in my suitcase »?

The first person to start must say “in my suitcase, I have got… » and adds an object, food, a person…

« In my suitcase, I have got a champagne bottle! »

Then, the second person must repeat what has already been said by the first person while adding another element.

« In my suitcase, I have got a champagne bottle and some confetti! »

The game can last hours until one of the players forgets the complete sentence or repeat what another player has said.

So, how far are you going?

We wish you a Happy New Year!