As the school holidays of the All Saints’ Day are now real holidays, you have decided to stay in Sanguinet in the Landes with your children. And they will not get bored! The Landes has plenty of very easy and cheap hand-on activities. Here are some ideas:


Activités manuelles : spécial vacances dans les Landes !The hedgehog made with pine cones and modelling clay

Here it is a special activity for the very young children. It is really easy to realize this hedgehog with pine cone and modelling clay.

It starts with a walk in the nature around Sanguinet from where you will bring back some pine cones.

Once back home, you will need some brown or orange modelling clay for the hedgehog, or any other colour if you want a coloured hedgehog! You will also need white modelling clay or some marbles for the eyes.

Then, such as it is on the photo found on the great website blog d’une nounou du nord, it is only the way you assemble all the elements. It is extremely easy to realize, and your little kid will be very proud of his/her hedgehog.



Activités manuelles : spécial vacances dans les Landes !Seashell jewelry


The beaches of our so beautiful Atlantic Ocean have plenty of seashells.

Seashells are often picked up but then nothing is really done with them…Even if we remind our last holidays when we see them!

Seashell jewelry is a great way to keep in mind our holidays with them around our neck or around our wrist and why not in a key ring! It is not very difficult to make them thanks to the ingenuous website, and your children will only need:

  • Seashells ;
  • Glue ;
  • A pair of scissors ;
  • Paint ;
  • Colour thread not very thick, not a lightweight thread ;
  • Jewelry clasps.

Activités manuelles : spécial vacances dans les Landes !Once you have all the material, ask your children to choose 7 or 8 beautiful seashells of the same size among the ones they have picked up in the beach.

At first you must put some glue at the back of each of the seashells and then you must add the thread, making sure that the seashells are not too far from each other, that the thread is well in the center and that the glue is set.

Once the seashells are glued, put the necklace around your neck to determine the position of the clasp. It is up to you to make a round neck necklace or a long necklace!

Finally, you only have to put the clasp as it is shown on the photo and to cut the threads excess on each side.



Activités manuelles : spécial vacances dans les Landes !The painting of the sea


It is also an activity found on the website, which is ideal for toddlers but also for older children who will reveal their hidden talents! They will need:

  • A coloured stiff paper or a sheet of paper glued on a piece of cardboard cut with the same format ;
  • Sand ;
  • Small seashells ;
  • A stick of glue ;
  • A pair of scissors ;
  • A pencil ;
  • A rubber ;
  • A model of a drawing on the theme of the sea ;
  • Markers or crayons.

First, draw on the sheet (some examples can be download here) while trying to draw fine lines, without pressing hard on the pencil.

Then, put some glue on the main outlines of the drawing and sprinkle with sand. Wait for a short time… Then raise the drawing to make the excessive sand fall. Note that it is possible, but not essential to draw again all the details of the drawing with a marker. Finally, glue the small seashells picked up in the beach around the drawing. Now you will have a great painting of your holiday at the seaside!!


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