On Saturday the 21st of May, from 3p.m. to 11p.m., the Musée du Lac (the Lake Museum) in Sanguinet will open its doors at the beginning of the night for the 12th edition of the Museum Night. On this occasion a tribute to Paul Capdevielle, a local figure, will be given.

Tribute to Paul Capdevielle

Paul Capdevielle is a well-known personality in the scientific world, very involved in the municipality of Sanguinet. He has founded the “Centre de recherches et d’études scientifiques” (Scientific Research and Studies Centre) of the town and he has dedicated his life to the scientific research, the protection of the environment and the archaeology. Paul Capdevielle has left his mark on the life of the people in Sanguinet.

In order to pay tribute to him, a commemorative plaque will be inaugurated in front of the museum and an exhibition will be dedicated to him. Enjoy the cocktail from 6p.m., before the opening of the Musée du Lac (the Lake Museum)!

The Museum Night: 12th edition

The Museum Night, a National and European event, takes place from nightfall until midnight. It is another way to visit the museums and get an amazing experience.

The 2015 edition mobilised 3,200 museums in more than 30 countries in Europe and gathered 2 million of visitors in the 1,265 French museums.