Sanguinet : paella et bal disco pour sortir de l’hiver

Sanguinet is about to get out softly of winter with a pre spring night organized by the Los gats esquirous, the former rugby players of the municipality on Saturday 12th 2016 at the village hall. What is the programme? A paella from 7:30 p.m. followed by a disco dance.

What is the menu? Paella, cheese and cakes in Sanguinet!


  • Drinks not included: the bottle of red wine or rosé: 5 €; champagne: 15 €; aperitif or beer: 2 €.
  • Adults 15 €
  • Children 10 € (under 12 years old

Please take notice that:  Reservation and regulations only at the tourist office until the 5th of March 2016. (Payment must be made by cheque to the order of « alge », no reservation by telephone, limited number of places).

More information at the Tourist Office at O5 58 78 67 72.


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