Sanguinet: photo exhibition « Far North, Far South » at the multimedia libraryUntil the 24th of October 2015, the multimedia library in Sanguinet presents a photo exhibition “Far North, Far South” of Jonathan Zaccaria, a scientist, a traveller keen on poles.


Jonathan Zaccaria has brought 38 great photos from his one-year-stay in the base Dumont in Urville in Antarctica which let you discover this huge white continent, the last huge inviolate territory of the planet; but also the people everyday life in a remote base far away from any civilization.


The daily life of an inaccessible station


The science station Dumont in Urville in Antarctica is one of the most remote places in the world. Jonathan, a young engineer, is about to spend one year. After a four-month summer, the longest winter in the planet begins. The ice field replaces the open sea. With temperatures as low as -37 degrees and winds over 200km/h, even the most resistant animals leave the place.

The station becomes very soon inaccessible and everybody leaves the place, with the exception of the emperor penguins …..and a handful of persons…


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