Our loyal customers in July, who have just spent their holidays in the Domaine les Oréades in Sanguinet in the Landes, have seen some improvement since the last years. And for good reasons. For the pleasure of the city-dwellers but also for the nature lovers, we have taken a large space to set an animal’s farm. The tourists have met Iris and Lily, the little goats, Sanguinette, the sheep, but also some Silkies (a breed of chicken), rabbits and some guinea pigs.

Sanguinet: a new splendorous dovecote

But it is not all. Our team has built a dovecote which can receive not only turtledoves and canaries but also all the animals during the night.

NB: We have received some comments regarding the ground maintenance. Do not worry; it is quite normal and recommended to let the vegetation grow where the animals are.


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