Sanguinet : vos activités en juillet 2015 (2e partie)Are you on holidays in Sanguinet in the Landes during July 2015? As promised, here it is the second part: Sanguinet: your activities in July 2015 (1st part).


Painting training lessons

From the 20th to the 23rd of July, the workshop 2a2c proposes perfecting courses: painting, drawing and mixed techniques. Inscriptions at 06 61 21 17 43. More information: Email:

Show for children « Sophie au pays imaginaire »

On Wednesday 22nd of July from 11am to 12 am at the reception hall, Sophie will meet a funny goblin called Titimalin, who will bring her towards intrepid adventures to Never land.

Jazz in Sanguinet 16th edition

From the 23 to the 26 of July, the 16th edition of the jazz festival in Sanguinet will be highly colourful, full of sensation and musical emotions!

Angelo Sola in concert

On Saturday the 25th of July at 7:30pm at the restaurant Authentic, Landes dinner & dinner with the artist Angelo Sola. Only with reservation: 20 Euros per person (appetizers, main course, cheese, dessert).

« Balloons and illusions fantasy tour »

On Wednesday 29th of July from 11am to 12am at the reception hall: magic and balloons, many balloons and the comeback of the dark light for more enchantment. Fabrice, one of the best specialists of balloons show in France, with his show « Balloons and illusions fantasy tour » will present a highly colourful, rhymed, humorous and tender show that you will enjoy with your family. Free of charge.

Farmer’s market « a country air at the beach »

From the 31st of July to the 2nd of August at the Espace Gemme, the Landes producers invite you to taste their products from their farms. You will appreciate the wine “floc de Gascogne”, the Landes salad (salad with gizzards), the foie gras, the confit/French fries, the “tourtière” (meat pie), with animation. The producers, the OT and the jazz animation collaborate in order you enjoy this evening while tasting the products of the Landes.


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