What is happiness? It is a vast subject! The answer can’t be given in a few paragraphs. However, one can justifiably wonder what makes us happy in life? For some people happiness is fulfilled only by accumulating wealth. But you can realize very fast that it is not enough to have a nice house, a luxury car or the last iPhone to feel completely satisfied in your life.

When you have satisfied your basic needs (sleeping, lodging, clothing, feeding), what makes you happy? What makes your day memorable? This is not the case to make an exhaustive list of the elements of Happiness as it would be too long, too exhausting, too restricted.

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Let’s take only a short moment to remember some examples or behaviours likely to brighten up a day or a moment of your life. When you remember happy moments, from the outset you do not list the last consumption goods you bought during the last years.

However, you remember a moment with the family or friends in a particular nice environment where your actions were suitable for creating a calm, quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

By creating unforgettable moments of our life, we participate really to our well-being.

Simple pleasures such as sailing on the Sanguinet lake with your loved ones and enjoying the pleasures of the wind on your skin in middle of a blazing nature make us very excited.

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Enjoying the lovely hot weather in an idyllic place, near a swimming pool and reading a fascinating novel exalt our senses and make us very happy.

Meeting friends at the domain, smiling at each other and laughing while sharing a good meal give us good memories.

Our only leitmotiv when we welcome you at the Domain Les Oréades: make you create the opportunities to be overwhelmed with joy!

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