Enjoy of a unique opportunity with the Oréades to discover the most beautiful lake of the Landes on a sailing boat! This activity is organized by the association La Companhia (situated on the site of the Oréades) and the sailing adepts residing at the Oréades and in Sanguinet. The programming of this activity is provided if the weather conditions are good, so you can get the information at the reception of the Oréades. This incredible experience is offered to you from Monday to Friday afternoon, during a 2h30 discovery circuit.



The captain is waiting for you!


In addition to practising this activity with your family, friends or your sweetheart, you will have the privilege to share the adventure with Alain, your captain and guide during the sailing. He will make the sailing unforgettable for you , and he will show you the numerous secrets of the Sanguinet Lake.




How should I dress during the sailing trips?

As you are not in Brittany, you can just wear the same clothes you use for a walk. As it is possible to swim, do not forget your bathing suit, some drinks and water.


An essential accessory: the shoes!


Sailing barefoot is forbidden, so it is important to choose good sports shoes to practise this activity. We advise you not to wear Flip-flops as well as shoes with uncovered toes. This is the opportunity to wear your old trainers!



What time does the activity start and how long does it last?


Generally, the meeting is at the reception at 2 :15 p.m. We go together to Oréades’ beach and we embark between 2:20p.m. and 3p.m. The sailing trip lasts about two hours and a half.


What are the risks of this activity?


There are no more risks sailing than going shopping by car to the supermarket of the village, but it is better to know how to swim! The age limit to sail is determined according to the weather conditions (and the wind strength). Only babies and young children who cannot walk would have to wait a few years more. Concerning the upper age limit, our tests have proved that until 96 years old, people can embark! Regarding the animals, their reactions can be so unpredictable that we don’t want a remake of the Titanic! 😊




How much is it?


The association does not charge the trip pass for this activity, it must give services to its members (principle of the 1901 Law).
So, there are two types of membership for you:

  • The summer family membership, 20 or 30 €: with your family and your children.
  • The summer individual membership, 15 or 20 €: reach the milestone by your own!

Get the membership form at the reception and enjoy this activity!


Have you got an additional question? 😊


Contact the person in charge of this activity: Alain Duluc

By phone at 06 10 89 10 22 or by mail: potemkine2010@hotmail.fr

Should you require any further information about the region, the touristic visits, the maps and the good ideas in Sanguinet, please contact us!