On Saturday the 28th of May, the Groupe Pédestre Sanguinet organises a gourmand night walk from 6 :30p.m until 8p.m.
You will be able to enjoy 5 gourmand stops each 2km.
Do not forget to bring a knife, a fork, a headlamp and rain equipment in case of bad weather !

Compulsory registration for this event !

Prices :
Adults : 20 €
Children : 10 €

The Domaine Les Oréades will be pleased to receive you and you will get 15% off by participating in this event !


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Presentation of the track


The departure of the gourmand walk in Sanguinet will start at the car park of theEspace Gemme.
You may go to the reception from 8 :15 p.m. where you will get a control badge that you will have to present at each gourmand stop, as well as a tumbler and a tumbler holder that you will use all along the walk.

The track will be forest paths, easy paths, bike paths and other paths of communication in order to let you admire the natural environment of Sanguinet and the lake.

Two guides will be riding mountain bikes all along the track and they will be wearing orange safety jacket in order to help you and guide you and make you
respect the security recommendation !


The gourmand stops. What is the programme?

  • Stop 1 :
    You will be able to enjoy an aperitif: punch, fruit juices or water with a snack in music with the Gascon vocal group “Los De Qui Cau 40”.
  • Stop 2 :
    The starter: a plate of assorted pork products and you will have also water, red wine and rosé*, bread .
  • Stop 3 :
    Sirloin steak cooked as you want, with French fries and served in music with the Gascon vocal group “Lo Veut de l’Estey”.
    You will have: water, fruit juices, red wine and rosé*, bread and condiments.
  • Stop 4 :
    A cheese plate and bread, water, fruit juice and red wine and rosé*.
    During this time Mr Dubernet and Sautucq will present you old tools and answer to your questions .
  • Stop 5 :
    The last stop will be for the dessert: a dessert with tea or coffee.
    You will also find at this place a “bodega” (not free) with draught beer*, fruit juices, water, tea and coffee, with the music of the DJ Christian who will be with you until late in the night.

Get more information about the organisation and the conditions of the registration


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health, we count on you to drink responsibly.