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All Saints’ Day holidays… Did you know that ?

All Saints’ Day takes place on November 1st. This is a Catholic celebration which celebrates all the saints.

We often confuse it with the day of the deceased which takes place the day after, that is to say on November 2nd. Having said that, considering that the 1st of November is a holiday, the custom is to commemorate the deceased on November 1st for practical reasons.

In the 19th century, with the potato cultivation becoming much more widespread,  farming families used to gather during the All Saints’ Day period in order to harvest their crops  by hand. Many children did not go to school at this time of the year in order to help their parents.

This is how the All Saints’ Day holidays or “ potato holidays “ were gradually introduced.

Today, the All Saints’ Day holidays last approximately 10 days,in the whole of France from the end of October to the beginning of November November. This year, they extend from Saturday October 22nd to Thursday November 3rd in the morning.

The All Saints’ Day holidays are, like every holiday, eagerly awaited by our children, usually completely exhausted by the rigours of the new school year.


If it is not warm enough to swim any more, you can often still enjoy sunbathing, as well as some long walks in the forest or on the beach.

It is also the ideal time to visit museums – often somewhat less frequented during the hot summer months –  or to spend an evening at the cinema, or enjoy the cool of autumn by taking up some sporting activities.

What about you? What do you do during the All Saints’ Day holidays?

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