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Purchasing a mobile-home in Sanguinet, in the Landes

Holidays in a mobile-home, nothing could be better… (see our post about this subject ). But you can choose to rent or to purchase your mobile-home. We interviewed Pierre-Arnaud Duluc, the Oréades Manager, who answered all the questions you worry about on this subject.

What type of mobile-home can we  purchase at the Oréades?

We propose the residential range of mobile-homes from the French manufacturer  IRM (Idéale Résidence Mobile). This de luxe  range of mobile-home comes fully equipped with the “Grand Confort” fittings and reinforced insulation suitable for every season. This is important because our Domaine is open all the year round.

How difficult is it to install a mobile-home on one of your sites at les Oréades ?

We operate a turnkey system. That is, your mobile-home is installed on its site, fully connected,  with a terrace and a landscaped area (hedges, lawn, integrated watering system, car park, gas cylinder box…).

How much is the annual rent for the site? What additional charges are there?

The cost of the rent is calculated according to the surface area of the site you have chosen. It is 14.95 €/m2/year. This includes :

  • Access to your mobile home all through the year;
  • 20 m3 of water
  • Electricity from April 1st to October 30th.

The tourist tax of 30 €/year is the only thing to add to the rent. You need to know that a mobile home is subjected neither to the council tax nor to the property tax.

Is there any admission fee ?


After a certain lapse of time, are we  required to replace the mobile home ?

No, we do not compel anyone to replace their mobile-home. However, we do ask you to maintain it  properly and not let it become an eye sore.

By the way, who is responsible for maintenance work on the individual site and mobile-home itself ?

We take care of the hedges . You just have to take care of the mobile-home (inside and outside) and the lawn.

This being so, for your comfort, each year we propose maintenance contracts such he as lawn mowing, site- weeding, checking and the maintenance of the heaters and the air conditioning, cleaning the exterior of your mobile-home …

Can we sublet our own mobile home ?

Of  course !  Owners who wish to sublet their mobile-homes have just to sign a rental management agreement with the Oréades.

What happens if we have family or friends who want to visit us ?

We ask visitors to come to the reception desk and to sign a visitors’ register. This is only a question of security, and there won’t be any additional fee.

What  facilities are there and are they charged  for ?

Several facilities available  free  of charge:

  • Heated swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Multipurpose court
  • Ping pong
  • Children’s adventure playground

Finally, you can have dinner at the restaurant if you wish within the Domaine. This restaurant  also proposes take-away meals if you’d rather have dinner in the privacy of your mobile-home !