Not very far from the Domaine des Oréades in Sanguinet, the ecomuseum of Marquèze in Sabres proposes to the visitors to break their habits while changing of period. You and your family will discover the complete history of the Landes of Gascogne, the heritage, the culture and the traditions of the Landes in a fitted neighbourhood. Have an unforgettable day in another world and let your imagination run and remind you the past…


Looking back upon the 19th century!

Departure at the railway station of Sabres in a train with  carriages classified « historical monuments » that will allow you to have access to the neighbourhood of  Marquèze,  an authentic place in the middle of the forest of The Landes of Gascogne.

Over 25 hectares, you will visit traditional houses, a collection of traditional objects, gardens, the sheep-fold and the small built heritage.


A permanent exhibition

Before taking the train to get acquainted with the everyday life in the neighbourhood of the Landes at the end of the 19th century, discover the happenings, the people and activities that made this land typical nowadays: the forest of the Landes of Gascogne.

After walking in an area of 500 m2 accompanied with music, tales, games, archive films and stories, live the transformations that happened during the two last centuries and their influences on the landscapes and the population.


Events all over the year.

From March 31st to April 1st 2013: the festival of Spring and shepherds. Every year, the Gascon music is accompanied with other music of the world. For this occasion, each day, come and participate to the activities which begin at 10 o’clock!

  • Egg-hunting ;
  • Itinerant music ;
  • Gascon ball ;
  • concerts ;
  • Easter omelette tasting.


The 1st of May 2013: the maïade. In the Landes, flowering trees adorn the homes of neighbours, newlyweds, new arrivals in the village, and the locally elected, on the night of the 30th of April. In Marquèze, it is during the day that this rite is always celebrated on the 1st of May.


From the 6th to the 12th of May 2013: the Spring of the Landes.

– « Travel to the centre of the imaginary world »: do you know « the water organ», « the memory-tree» or « the place of beliefs»? In the visit of the neighbourhood of Marquèze, these Maquinas Poeticas complete in an entertaining and fanciful way the themes approached by the ecomuseum. The crazy inventor who gave birth to these machines will reveal all his secrets of elaboration and his inspiration. A funny and original travel in the brain meanders of a handyman-poet.

–> Guided tours put on stage at 11 A.M and at 3 P.M

– « Women works »: to get to know the work of lace, observe the efficacy of the homemade soap and discover the secrets of the “bugade” (traditional washing): many methods, traditional arts and techniques that you will discover!


The 18th of May 2013: The night of the museums. Go to discover Marquèze with a candle from 10 P.M.

On the 19th and 20th of May 2013: the sheep-shearing.  On the occasion of this sheep-shearing, you will discover all over the sheep through the gestures of the shepherds and their demonstrations (carding, spinning and dyeing of the wool, introduction to knitting, etc…)

On Sunday 2nd of June 2013: Meeting in the gardens. The ecomuseum has joined this national event for the first time so in Marquèze there will be a plant swap with initiations for the children, the adults, the experts and the beginners: technique of the hedge laying (formation of a plant-covered fence made by interlacing), insect shelters making, practice of floral cooking (preparation then tasting) and botanical drawing.


On Sunday the 16th of June: The mills day. The association « Les amis des moulins Landais » and the ecomuseum got together around their floured work surface to realize a tasty programme:

  • Discovery-games of the history of traditionally ground cereals (rye, spelt wheat, corn, millet) ;
  • Tasting of exotic breads ;
  • Demonstrations of tapping of millstones (difficult maintenance of the millstones);
  • And of course….you will meet our miller !


From the 22nd to the 24th of June 2013: rituals of the Saint-Jean. Make also crosses of the Saint-Jean as you get acquainted to the rites and popular beliefs of the rural society of the Landes in the 19th century (plants getting rid of the witches, healing waters, etc…)

The complete programme 2013 of the activities, exhibitions and events of the ecomuseum of Marquèze.