Camping Landes » What to do in and around Sanguinet when it rains?

What to do in and around Sanguinet when it rains?

These are not a few drops that will ruin your stay in Sanguinet in the Landes! Of course, card and board games will keep you busy for a few hours. But after ? Don’t worry, Sanguinet and its surroundings are full of sheltered activities. Overview.

Museums and aquarium

Que faire à Sanguinet (et autour) quand il pleut ?

Musée du lac de Sanguinet : along a circuit, organized according to three themes: sand, man and water; the museum invites you to discover or rediscover Lake Sanguinet.

Musée des traditions à Biscarrosse: get to the heart of Biscarrosse’s history, discover its culture, understand the landscape and the way man has built and maintained it.

Musée de l’hydraviation à Biscarrosse : in 1930, Biscarrosse, a village of resin workers that nothing designated for an aeronautical destiny, was chosen by Pierre-Georges Latécoère to become the place of assembly and testing of the largest French seaplanes.

La Maison de l’Huître in Gujan-Mestras: did you know that oysters are female or male every other year? That limed tiles have been used for spat collection since the late 1850s? That starfish can open oysters and eat them?

Arcachon aquarium: the Arcachon aquarium showcases the region’s exceptional flora and fauna. A museum section presents the archaeology and history of the region.

Guided tours

What to do in and around Sanguinet when it rains?

Ostréi Tour from Arcachon: 2.30-hour guided bus tour of the oyster ports from Arcachon to Gujan-Mestras.

Arcachon City Tour: 2-hour panoramic bus tour.

L’Esturgeonnière du Moulin de la Cassadote in Biganos: in the company of a guide, discover the history of the Moulin, how sturgeon are bred, how caviar is made… Then let yourself be surprised by the unique flavors of caviar from France.

A few kilometers from Sanguinet

Que faire à Sanguinet (et autour) quand il pleut ?

Vineyards and châteaux: Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion, Médoc, Entre-deux-mers…

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