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Have a massage by Karine in the Oréades!

Karine Baraton, a professional masseuse, offers various types of massage to the holiday-makers in the Oréades.

À la carte

Shoulder, neck, nape

  • Duration : 30 minutes ;
  • Price : 30 €.

Legs, feet

  • Duration : 40 minutes ;
  • Price : 40 €.


Taking its sources from the Korean methods and the practice of the Amazon Indians, this massage only using vibrations, undulations and rocking movements allows a great relaxation of the muscular tensions and a feeling of truly letting go.

It does not use oil, and you do not have to get undressed.

  • Duration : 50 minutes ;
  • Price : 45 €.


It is a combination of Swedish and Californian methods. It is really relaxing and it gives you a deep muscle and mental relaxation. It also provides stress relief, and relaxation of nervous tensions.

  • Duration : 1 hour ;
  • Price : 59 €.

Amma chair massage

Based on the oriental and occidental techniques, the chair massage, providing relaxation and well-being, reduces physical tensions. Done over clothes, this massage focuses on the back, the shoulders, the arms, the head and the hips. Its main characteristic is to be done on an ergonomic chair.

  • Duration : 15 minutes ;
  • Price : 10 €.

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