Zoo de Labenne : animaux des 5 continents dans les Landes

The Labenne zoological park is located near the ocean and over five hectares of pines and cork oaks. Lemurs, felines, kangaroos, camels, birds, etc. There are numerous animals of all the continents. Open your eyes wide and observe, breathe deeply, listen to the parrots singing, feed the animals of the small farm. Get ready to live an unforgettable time with your family!

More than 200 animals (zebra, lemurs, wallabies, servals…) from the five continents over five hectares in the right in the middle of the Landes and very close to the ocean? You are in Océafaunia, the Labenne zoological park.

During about your one hour walk surrounded by animals in semi-captivity, notice boards give information about their origin, their way of life, their particularities…


Zoo de Labenne : animaux des 5 continents dans les Landes

The wellbeing of the animals is the most important thing


All the philosophy of the park is offering a very natural environment to the animals. It is why the walk is aimed at giving a maximum of contact between the animals and the people according to strict rules.

It is why three people and a vet take care of the 60 species of the park relentlessly.

The itinerary is adapted to all the generations, to elderly and disabled persons. A place is provided to have a picnic, and there is also the souvenir shop and the mobile snack bar…

Please do not forget the playing area for children above 4 years old and the birthday party option.

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photo credit: tbruyelle via photopin cc