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Purchasing a mobile-home : new or second-hand ?

You have tried holidays in a mobile-home. You have rented for one week, two weeks, three weeks your little holiday home in a domaine that you very much liked. And today, you wish to take the plunge : purchasing your own mobile-home that will welcome you at any time and that you will be able to decorate as you like.

So the question is « is it better to purchase a new or second-hand mobile-home ?

Let’s take stock of the pros and cons of each option.

Purchasing a new mobile-home

The cons

  • According to the model you choose, there is a variable waiting period. But in any case, you always wait longer than if you purchase a second-hand mobile-home, available immediately.

The pros

  • You  can choose the precise model you want with the options that suit you.
  • The equipment inside the mobile home has never been used and  is under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You can choose the site where you want to install your new mobile-home.

Purchasing a second-hand mobile-home

The cons

  • You cannot choose the site of your mobile-home. A second-hand mobile-home is sold on the site where it is already installed.
  • The equipment and facilities of a second hand mobile-home have already been used and are not under the manufacturer’s warranty anymore.

The pros

  • Some second-hand mobile-homes are already equipped with options such as the gas box, the dishwasher or the air conditioning.
  • The waiting period for your mobile-home is shorter than for a new mobile home.
  • Second-hand mobile –home prices are lower.

In any case, purchasing a mobile-home is an investment which requires thinking about it. Should you wish to purchase a mobile-home in Les Landes, do not hesitate to contact us for advice 05 58 78 60 79 or via our contact form !