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The Christmas holidays of the children

Christmas are special holidays for children.

They are very excited to receive presents but they are often exhausted as it is the end of the first term so the holidays will do some good.

For Christmas, make your kids participate to the organization of the Christmas party. This year we propose you 3 activities for the preparation of Christmas to do with them.

The first one is the decoration of your Mobil home and your Christmas tree

You can put a fairy light on the front of your Mobil home. It will be great for the children and the guests for the Christmas Eve dinner to see the decoration.

Go with your children around the Sanguinet Lake or in the forests in the Landes to pick up moss, pine cones and even nice tree leaves to decorate your Christmas table.

Children love decorating the Christmas tree, so make them take part in this activity and let them hung the last Christmas ball at the top of the Christmas tree. They will be very proud to say “I did it!”

Then, preparation of delicious shortbread cookies for Santa Claus

For about 50 shortbread cookies with Christmas spices:

  • Sieve 250 g of flour with a dessert spoon full with four-spices (or a mixture of spices for gingerbread)
  • In a bowl, mix the flour, 125 g of sugar, a sachet of vanilla sugar and a salt pinch
  • Add 125 g of cold pieces of butter
  • Mix all the ingredients with the tips of your fingers until you get a fine powder
  • Add an egg and mix in order to get a homogeneous paste
  • Roll it into a ball and put it into a plastic wrap and put it during an hour into the fridge
  • Preheat your oven at 160°C
  • Lower the paste, then cut it with a cookie cutter of different shapes
  • Put the cookies on the baking tray covered with baking paper
  • Bake them from 12 to 15 minutes
  • When the edges turn brown, that means the cookies are baked!

At the Christmas Eve, it is the tradition to put two small cookies in a nice plate with a hot chocolate. It will be Santa Claus’s snack as he may be hungry while he is giving the presents. For the other cookies, put them all over the Christmas table for the greedy guests. Yummy, yummy!

The last activity is the home-made presents for the family

The children love also giving presents. So, organize an artistic activity for your toddlers.

The first idea is a nice decorated mug.

Buy a white mug where your kid will show his/her artistic skills with special felt pens. The felt pens are glossy and opaque paint markers for glass, porcelain, metal or any kind of smooth support. Clean very well the mug before painting it. You can paint nice small hearts or a nice Santa Claus and that’s it! You wrap it and it is ready to offer.

An easy and ludic idea that you can make: a table mat with clothes pegs.

Be careful: for this activity, you must take off the strap system of the clothes pegs which may be dangerous for the little ones. You can buy half-clothes pegs in special shops.

Then, help your kid in the following steps:

  • With a pair of compasses draw a circle of 4cm radius on a cardboard
  • Cut the circle
  • Draw inside the circle another circle of 2cm radius
  • Cut off the round to make a cardboard ring
  • Then glue the clothes pegs back-to-back to make a guy
  • Glue the pairs of clothes pegs two by two then put them together to make a round
  • Let the glue dry
  • Paint with red than let it dry
  • To get something better: paint small stars at the top of the clothes pegs and small white dots everywhere to imitate snow
  • Glue the table mat with clothes pegs on the cardboard ring. You must not make it perfectly.
  • Apply a layer of varnish and that’s all!

Happy Christmas in Sanguinet!