Camping Landes » Autumn is an ideal season to go camping

Autumn is an ideal season to go camping

Why is it necessary to book in the campsite for the summer season?

It is also possible to enjoy this kind of holiday during the low season and we can prove it:

If you are camping, autumn can offer great surprises

Even if the temperatures drop, autumn often has sunny days illuminating the golden and bronze adorned nature. A beautiful landscape encourages you to stroll instead of staying indoors!

The Mobil-home during all the seasons

You do not want to go camping. Is it because you do not want to pitch your tent? Do not worry, you can enjoy camping with the comfort of a Mobil-Home.
So, you will not suffer of low temperatures or rain during the night.
Therefore the Mobil-home is the perfect solution during autumn or even winter!

The fruits of autumn to eat with your family or your friends if you are camping

Camping means barbecue for many! But if it is not summer anymore, it is still possible to make some barbecue in autumn and to grill some chestnuts or ears of corn! 
It is an activity in autumn that the children and even adults will enjoy.

The best: Grilling some chestnuts you have just picked up in the forest during the day is a festive moment you can share with your neighbours in the camping!

Some family activities

Autumn is a perfect season to walk or ride the bicycle.
The temperature, not very high, will avoid you the inconveniences of the summer temperatures around 36°C.

So, you will participate to some activities you could not have done during the summer because of the high temperature or the crowd.

Another idea of activity? You can start an herbarium and learn a little about the flora around the spot of your holidays.

At the end of the day, why not gather with your family or some friends playing board games or sharing moments eating some grilled chestnuts with your favourite hot drink!

Autumn is a friendly season

With lower temperatures and nights coming earlier, it is nice to enjoy a quiet moment with your family or your friends! And it is the opportunity to make new friends by meeting your neighbours in the camping!

And do you know that during autumn there are few mosquitoes, even not a single one. 
Autumn is really a wonderful season!

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