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Why is Sanguinet called Sanguinet ?

To tell the truth, it is difficult to know exactly why Sanguinet is called Sanguinet !

Sanguinet is the diminutive form of the adjective “ sanguin “, which means « where the blood dominates ». Therefore, it is commonly said that Sanguinet could be linked to “sanguinelle”, the common name used for the dogwood tree, a hard wood rustic tree with deciduous leaves.

However today, there is no  common dogwood to be seen in the Sanguinet region . And even in medieval manuscripts it is hardly ever mentioned at all.Yet this is still today the name our lakeside town bears !

Actually the  history of Sanguinet lies more within the depths of the lake itself, with five submerged archaeological sites revealing the life of the villages from the Bronze Age to  Roman times. This is the reason why the name Sanguinet is very often associated with Losa, the Gallo-Roman site which was the first to be discovered in the lake at Sanguinet.

NB : People living in Sanguinet are called Sanguinetois and Sanguinetoises.