Où voir les grues dans les Landes ?The figures have been announced! According to the counting of the 4th of January 2015, there must be 35,000 birds in the Landes! But where can the cranes be seen in the Landes? We are telling you everything! (See also: Sanguinet: 20 activities in winter and also in summer!)


Each winter, around 40,000 cranes come to spend the winter in the Landes, making this land one of the most important wintering areas in Europe. From November and until February, you only need to raise the head to see and listen to these spectacular groups flying across the sky.


Where can the cranes be observed in the Landes?

Cranes can be observed during the day in the cornfields where they find their food around:

  • Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx ;
  • Losse ;
  • Captieux ;
  • Vert ;
  • Lugos ;
  • Lacanau.

The knowledge, the preservation of the conditions for receiving the bird and the smooth discovery of the bird are the tools of its preservation. As well, the Chamber of Agriculture, the Landes Regional Council, the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds), the Landes Federation of hunters, the Landes and Gascogne Regional Park, the reserve of Arjuzanx (40) and the Cousseau pond (33) created the group Grus-Gascogna which organizes outings and weekends dedicated to the observation of cranes.

These activities supervised by monitors allow to contemplate a share approach of the conservation of the species, with an important role to the awareness of the public.


Why do the cranes always come to the Landes?

The common cranes nest in the north of Europe. During the autumn they gather and fly for a great trip from the Scandinavian countries and the north of Germany to the Iberian Peninsula. Because the Landes of Gascogne are ideally situated on the migration corridor, they receive many wintering common cranes.


photo credit: Grus grus 18 via photopin (license)