Camping Landes » Something new at the Domaine Les Oréades: The Fish Spa!

Something new at the Domaine Les Oréades: The Fish Spa!

From the 9 of July, you will find a new service at the Domaine Les Oréades in Sanguinet: the fish spa, the small fish which eat your dead skin of your feet !!!

What is the Fish Spa ?

Fish Spa or fish pedicure consists in putting your feet in a tray full of small fish called Garra or also called “doctor-fish”. The aim of this is the same as an exfoliation.
Your new aquatic friends take care of your feet by taking away your dead skin and by stimulating your blood flow. This will cleanse your skin from all the impurities.
The Fish Spa is also effective as a method of rejuvenation on the skin by cellular renewal. This method will also help you to release the tensions and the stress!

How does it work ?

It is totally painless and much more less aggressive than an exfoliation but it is as efficient and moreover that tickles!
These small fish take away the dead skin by sucking (aspiration). They release a natural enzyme called Dithranol which will deeply moisturize your skin.
There is no risk of being bitten as the fish do not have teeth.
When you have finished the session, your feet will be as new and soft as baby feet. No more dead and coarse skin!

When is the Fish Spa possible ?

Our opening hours of our camping in the landes are from Monday to Sunday from 10a.m. until 1p.m. and from 5p.m. until 10p.m..
It’s also open on Sundays from 5p.m. until 10p.m..

This service is available on the terrace of the swimming pool in front of the restaurant.

How much is it ?

A 15-minute session will cost 10 euros* and a 30-minute session will cost 20 euros*.
It’s important to know:
The 30-minute session will give you better results concerning aesthetic and well-being.
*It is only possible to pay cash.