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Family activities in the Landes: follow the Chalossaises Bees!

The Chalossaises Bees, it is huge panoply of activities for the families, proposed by the nine tourist offices in Landes-Chalosse. What is the concept? You follow the five mascot bees which are foraging   according to different areas: welcome, nature, heritage, gastronomy and festivities.  Explications.

There are plenty of activities in the Landes, believe me! You can learn with the Top 5 of the museums in the Landes, meet animals of the 5 continents thanks to the zoo in Labenne, jump from tree to tree in Bisc’ aventure : rope park near Sanguinet, etc. But it is not all. Five bees have invited you to discover the Landes-Chalosses since this year.

The Chalossaises Bees, it is a concept realized by eight tourist offices in the region of Amou, Hagetmau, Grenade, Saint-Sever, Mugron, Tartas, Montfort and Geaune. From June to September, go with your family to discover the Chalosse Landes with :

  • Mia the bee « welcome » who welcomes in the tourist offices;
  • Mélina « the active bee » who loves nature and proposes around 25 sites and activities such as visiting on foot, by bike, on horseback and even in the air with an ultra light flying ! She also invites to rediscover the sensual pleasures of the gardens, the designed parks and the farms……
  • Marta « the greedy bee » who tries to find the local food with the best local products;
  • Aliénor «the curious bee » who loves learning while having fun. She drags you in museums, make you participate in activities, in treasure hunts, and in the discovery of some specific local productions on 19 sites;
  • Alaïs « the festive bee » who loves having fun on some special summer occasions:  Course landaise (bullfight in the Landes), festival, local festival…

The Chalossaises Bees is a program with fun activities for kids to discover the Landes Chalossse and go from one touristic site to another touristic site during the summer thanks to the numerous activities such as:

  • Outdoor activities ;
  • Learning while having fun ;
  • A gourmet break with the regional dishes ;
  • Walk on the hill of the mill in Pimbo ;
  • Relaxation in the Saucille leisure park  in Mugron ;
  • Pottery workshop in  Laluque ;
  • Tasting of a glass of Tursan in the cellar of the winegrowers of the Landes in Geaune ;
  • Etc.

–> Please note  that the children can collect five balloons decorated with our bee mascots, blue, green, pink, purple and beige during the visits and in the tourist offices.