Camping Landes » The natural Park of the Landes in Gascogne celebrates the renewal of its classification

The natural Park of the Landes in Gascogne celebrates the renewal of its classification

From Saturday 20th to Sunday 28th of September, the natural Park of Landes in Gascogne celebrates its renewal of its classification for the next 12 years.

In order to celebrate this success and honor this new project of sustainable development, elected representatives, associations, volunteers and partners, work with teams of the park to propose a great week of celebration accessible to all and free.

Here is the program!

From the week-end 20-21 of September, the festivity starts in the Ecomuseum in Marquèze in the scope of the Heritage Days. With the company Generik Vapeur, park has programmed a week full of meetings on all its space.

From the 22nd to the 26th of September, a week of animations.

In different places of the space here are the different animations:

  • Evening conferences about urban planning, landscape, forest, the Leyre ;
  • Nature trips;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Spectacles and animations.

–> Please note that some meetings are only with reservation.

For the pupils of primary schools and middle schools of the territory: a three-day programme of creative workshops and activities in the heart of nature have been prepared specially for 45 classes which had answered to the project. These days reflect the project of education to the territory carried out with the park and the National Education.

The 27th & 28th of September, it is a great weekend of festivities and meetings in Mios

Discovery walks and around the water, nature animations, live spectacles, concerts, exhibitions, farmers’ market….the village Mios will offer a festive atmosphere and will welcome adults as well as children! Catering services available on the spot.

« L’Eaudyssée d’Aquitaine » : spectacle made by the inhabitants

On Saturday the 27th of September, meeting from 5P.M at the village Eaudyssée on the banks of the Leyre in Mios for an artistic wandering « L’Eaudyssée d’Aquitaine ».

Realized with the inhabitants, under the artistic direction of the company Générik Vapeur in contact with the story-teller Yannick Jaulin, the five-year project looks like a legend with episodes.

Each one corresponds to a department of Aquitaine. It is conceived by the participants’ words in their territory of life: what makes them so proud? How do they feel today? How do they imagine it tomorrow?

The Eaudyssée is now settled in Gironde after the Dordogne, in the regional natural Park of the Landes of Gascogne, for the realization of the episode n° 2.

Since last January, the Faramine is hiding in the Val de Leyre marshes. The village Eaudyssée, universe of poetry, magic, words, rumours, is going to become lively, to ring, to clank to the Faramine leaving waters! She comes to write, with the complicity of more than 140 volunteers and professional artists, a proposition of contemporary legend of our aquatic environments, of our river Leyre, of our territory. It is said that she will be with improbable beings that she has met, invented during this long creative period in the marshes. Her leaving out of the water will mark the beginning of the story which she invites you to live as you wander among artistic, pyrotechnical and musical creations in the village Mios, before……it is said…….to fly away towards the Haute Lande!

*What is the classification of the park?

A federative document approved by the 51 municipalities, the 8 Inter-municipalities, the Departments of the Landes and the Gironde, the Region Aquitaine and the State. The decree of the renewal of the classification of the Regional Natural Park of the Landes of Gascogne was signed by the Prime Minister on January 21st 2014.