Holiday = organisation = omissions

We all have had this feeling at the departure time for holiday with friends, family or alone, at least once in our life: the feeling of having forgotten something.

The first phase: trying not to forget anything, bring everything and anything in order not to forget the essential and in the end you have too many things in your suitcase and you must pack your suitcase again.

The second phase: the fear and the feeling of having forgotten something.

The third and last phase: on the road, you realize that you have forgotten something and you go on holiday frustrated.

But today we can help you by giving you a check-list with all the essentials to go camping for your next holiday. Please do not hesitate to tick each box or to modify it as you want.

The essentials to bring with you when you go camping:

The imperative documents:

In case you would be blocked at the airport, you would be controlled on the road or you would have to go to hospital, these documents are essential.

  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Credit card
  • Driving licence
  • Chequebooks
  • Social security card (health insurance)
  • Student card

The unforgettable things to travel:

A mere matter of organisation and to save time: you have your plane or train ticket within easy reach. You must also bring your camera for the holiday pictures and a tourist guide to know all the beautiful spots you will discover.

  • Plane/train/bus ticket
  • Proof of accommodation and proof of reservation
  • Memory card (SD) for your camera
  • Camera charger, mobile phone and its charger, computer
  • Camera
  • Map of the region of Sanguinet, Landes
  • Notebook with the good addresses in the Landes

The first-aid kit :

In order not to ruin nice holidays, you must think to take the essentials in the first-aid kit. It is important to have the essentials, at least for the first-aid. We have thought of everything to help you to prepare your first-aid kit!

  • Bandages
  • Anti-inflammatoires
  • Earplugs
  • Contraceptives
  • Paracetamol, aspirin
  • Disinfectant
  • Thermometer
  • Physiologic serum
  • Lotion to relieve the mosquito bites
  • Biafine
  • Insect protection
  • Solar cream
  • tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Nail clippers
  • Compresses / bandages / cotton wool

The vanity case:

The vanity case, the indispensable check-list to go on holiday! From the cotton buds to the shampoo, you must not forget anything!

  • Shower gel
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • shampoo
  • sanitary towels / intimate wipes
  • hairbrush
  • razor
  • Cotton buds
  • Soap
  • Shaving foam / aftershave
  • Deodorant

Practical aspect:

For practical holidays, do not forget to take matches to light the barbecue or a notebook or a pen to write all your adventures during your holiday.

  • Notebook and pens
  • Swiss army knife
  • lighter / firelighter / matches
  • torch
  • calculator
  • padlock

For the camping :

And a special camping check-list: you must take all the necessary and indispensable things to cook (salt, pepper or washing-up liquid). And why not bring a radio!

  • Sleeping bag / household linen / bed-linen
  • Laundry line and clothes pegs
  • Can opener
  • Bottle-opener / corkscrew
  • spices (salt, pepper)
  • toilet paper
  • washing-up liquid
  • sponges
  • colander
  • multi-socket adaptor
  • extension cord
  • radio
  • kitchen towels
  • kettle
  • rubbish bags

Here it is a list of the indispensable elements if you want to go on holidays without worrying!

Feel free to give us your comments on what you think is essential to have great holidays.

Now start writing your check-list for your next holidays!