Travel across the Landes and let you fill with wonder by the culture of the Landes, its traditions and also its numerous activities.

Today we propose you 10 activities to do in the Landes during this winter!

1 – To start: what is better than hiking in the Landes of Gascogne?
The little extra: let yourself be surprised and go to discover the forest of contemporary art.

In this forest, you will enjoy intriguing, surprising and breath-taking works. Go back in time and history of the Landes of Gascogne. A meeting between artists, Younès Rahmoun, Christophe Doucet, Alain Domagala… and a land.

2 – Winter = Christmas!
And why not buy your Christmas presents made in the Landes!

Give yourself over to the wonders of the Landes and bring back some presents, souvenirs for your family and friends.

3 – A hot bath will give you the greatest benefit!
In Saint-Paul-Les-Dax, have a hot bath in one of the warm open-air baths of the centre Sourceo Aquatique.

More than 4000 m² of the fitness centre, come to relax in these natural hot mineral pools. In an environment dedicated only to well-being, this unique centre made of Carrara marble and natural stone of the Pyrénées will let you relax and rest.

4 – Rest, calm and cocooning rhyme with body care.
Enjoy a break, a complete day, at Eugénie-Les-Bains and a white mud bath at La Ferme Thermale.

In this elegant and natural environment of the XVII century in the Landes, la Ferme Thermale® d’Eugénie, proposes a health ritual, a vegetal and mineral thermal health care. They also propose to discover the Ferme Thermale® with the Natural Beauty Health Care composed of 5 thermal cares.

5 – To be really impressed, come and admire the cranes coming back to sleep in the reserve in Arjuzanx.

Every winter, there is a programme of animation and discovery of the Eurasian crane. Come and register to the observations at the Arjuzanx reserve. So, you can go for an ornithological photo shooting or enjoy a weekend dedicated to the grey lady!

6 – And why not have a good Armagnac by the fireplace ?
Go and visit the wine warehouses in the Landes of Armagnac and bring back your favourite Armagnac !

22 producers are here to welcome you all year round and initiate you into the degustation of Armagnac. In the wine warehouses, come and discover the history of a domain, savour rare vintages, awaken your senses and share a unique experience.

7 – Are you ready to step back in time?
Rediscover and learn the techniques of flint cutting and lighting fires at the Maison de la Dame!

The museum and the ArchéoParc are open from the 13th of February until the 27th of November 2016, and from the 15th of January until the15th of December only by reservation for groups.

8 – Come to warm up and savour a « garbure », a typically winter dish of the Landes.

A delicious typical and family dish you must taste during your stay in the Landes. But if you do not have time, just click here to get the delicious recipe :
Recipe of the garbure

9 – Enjoy a sunny day to go cycling around the Biscarrosse lakes.

Even if it is a little cold, nothing is better than cycling around a beautiful blue lake surrounded by big pines. Biscarrosse has a network of 50 km of cycle paths, so you can safely cycle. All the routes are here.

10 – Go to discover splendid statues of the museum Despiau-Wlerick in Mont-de-Marsan

In the heart of the village near the river Midou, there is The museum Despiau-Wlérick where you will admire figurative sculptures dating from 1880 to 2000.