We always forget something when we are about to set off on holiday: our toothbrush, the shower gel, … All the things that we must buy again, which is annoying. But we sometimes forget the essential things and it is really annoying!
The Domaine Les Oréades propose you a check-list to avoid forgetting the essential things you would like to have when you arrive at our camping in the Landes !

1 – The sun cream and the sun lotion of course!

The sun cream must be part of the essential things to put in your suitcase in order to avoid going red as a lobster! Before diving into the swimming pool in the Oréades or in the Sanguinet lake, use generously some sun cream and at night, in addition to the sun cream, use the sun lotion to moisturize your skin which will be softer and prepared for the UV of the following day!

2 – Your swimsuit, beach towel and flip-flops!

Our camping site, situated in Sanguinet in the Landes has got an aquatic complex including a swimming pool with supervision, a balneo swimming pool and games. Moreover, we are very close to the Sanguinet Lake. You will be very disappointed not to be able to enjoy these places whenever you want.

3 – Comfortable shoes

Sanguinet and the Domaine Les Oréades are not just swimming places! You can also enjoy the great landscape of the Landes by hiking or cycling! 
So do not forget comfortable shoes which will help you feel good to go all over the necessary kilometres to discover breath-taking places with pleasure and avoiding leg pain or blisters!

4 – Warm clothes and rain clothes

As we are never sure about the weather, do not forget to put a sweater or a jacket, trousers, socks and a windbreaker. We do hope you will not need them!

5 – Your sunglasses

If we hope not to have to take the warm clothes and rain clothes, we are really expecting to use the sunglasses and they are essential! 
Whether you are at the beach or sunbathing near the swimming pool, on the paths walking or cycling, or in your car, you must use your sunglasses to protect your eyes!!!

Here it is, all of the essential things to put in your suitcase.
 Nevertheless we can add to this list: a cap or a hat or even a torch.
 Please comment below ans let us know about your suitcase essentials !

Enjoy your holidays!