Today for the impatient and the little curious persons, we present you the beautiful farm of the domaine Les Oréades ! It is situated on the right part of the campsite, a big pen is provided for our dear friends the animals. We pamper them so there are an incubator, a henhouse, a high wooden house for the goats, an aviary, but also a space for the rabbits. Let’s see together all the species and let’s start with our singer friends: the hens and the cocks. During summer and winter time, they are here to remind us that the sun has just risen.


Numerous hens, chicks, and a cock.


The Oréades farm forms a big family with 10 hens of different races as well as a cock.

We have:

  • 1 Marans hen
  • 2 greylag hens
  • 1 Sussex hen
  • 1 Cou Nu hen
  • 2 Duvet hens
  • 2 Brahma hens
  • 1 cock




Some goats and a sheep


What would be a farm without some goats? Our 2 goats and our sheep are here to animate the farm and give fun! Our goats are very playful and will be pleased to entertain your children for hours. 😊




Numerous rabbits, the last new born is Flocon.


In order to make you participate in the life of the farm, we made a survey on our page Facebook so that you could help us to find a name for the last new born of the Rabbit family. You were many to participate to this survey on Facebook and on Instragram and we want to thank you. It is the name Flocon that was chosen for this all white rabbit! Today in this family there are 15 dwarf rabbits and 3 guinea pigs.




The other animals of the Oréades’ farm and the novelties for 2018


You can also see our 3 canaries, our 10 turtledoves and our 2 last ones, the ducks. For 2018, the educational farm of the Oréades will have big changes. It will open its doors to children during the summer! The children will be able to give the young goats the bottle,  to see the eggs hatch in the incubator, and to stroke the young rabbits. Nothing but happiness!





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