Plenty of new things at the Oréades.


You already know that a great novelty is coming at the Oréades. After great changes at the reception, at the restaurant, at the common area, the Oréades has done more changes! Come and see the new houses at the domain: the pagodas.


The first pagodas will be soon ready. Make your reservation for your little paradise as of now, on the shore of the Sanguinet Lake.




An exclusivity seen nowhere else in the region!


Each pagoda is unique! You can enjoy a barbecue with your family in the private garden or also have a bath in the outdoor jacuzzi available in each pagoda.
Stretch and relax in a hot and bubbling water in the middle of the pine trees of the Landes de Gascony forest.




Unbelievable services and privileges.


With à la carte services, these pagodas will make you forget your problems. Massages, sports sessions with a sports coach, exclusive evening and outings at the beach, in boat, the Oréades domain sets the bar high in order to get the 5 stars.


The Oréades domain does not do things by halves and for the pleasure of each one, the pagodas offer you the privilege to discover the Sanguinet Lake by sailing on a beautiful boat.





Come and discover the village of pagodas with a breathtaking view over the Sanguinet Lake!

Contact the reception to make a reservation as soon as possible! 😊