« You must begin from scratch to create an extraordinary thing. » This quote is really appropriate for The Oréades  which has been able to become more beautiful these last years. You can find the domain of The Oréades 50 metres from the Sanguinet Lake, bordering the Landes and the Gironde. It is a quiet and family campsite with a harmonious vegetation.  But it has not always been like this! All the plants, trees and flowers have not appeared by magic.

Originally the domain was an inhospitable moorland

Before the construction of this domain, this place was only an inhospitable moorland. A moorland is a poor soil, very difficult to cultivate and without relief. It is generally created from the degradation of the forest where numerous wild plants and sometimes trees grow.

With this soil quite flat but homogenous, we had to restructure everything and especially plant. Fortunately, we have a mild and humid climate, which allows the plantation of numerous flower varieties.

Each flower, each tree and each plant has been planted on this soil. There have been huge and meticulous works. We have selected carefully the trees and the flowers to create a harmonious place

Nowadays, the domain of the Oréades has an aquatic park with lifeguard on duty, and also a balneotherapy pool. The children can also enjoy an educational farm with numerous animals..


Photo riviere les oreades


The vegetation is a well-being and good mood factor

Vegetation is very important in the daily life. It allows to keep a comfortable temperature and to protect the ecosystemAt The Oréades, the flowers and the trees play an important role in the atmosphere of the campsite. The gorse flowers (small tree with flowers) perfume the yards of the mobile homes while the birds set the tempo of the days.

The residents of the domain play also an important part in the ecosystem by giving their personal green touch in their garden. The landscaped garden of the Oréades is really a haven of peace.


Photo mobil home les oreades sanguinet


 A landscaper and a peerless gardener team.


If the domain is so beautiful, it is also thanks to Yves’ talents, our landscaper.  The landscaper designs gardens, collective spaces and private gardens. He supervises the realisation of the works and often does the works.

Yves also takes care of the vegetation. He selects the flowers to be planted, he reorganizes the alleys and makes the domain always more harmonious. All this represents a fanciful work because each mobile home has got its own garden with flowers and bushes. The gardener team takes care of all the plants plants when our guests and residents are not here. Each parcel of the domain is covered in flowers. With different hedges and bushes with flowers, the domain is now covered with more than 70% of vegetation..


Photo mobil home camping les oreades


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