Les avantages des vacances en mobil-home à Sanguinet dans les Landes

The camping sites have changed their look!

The tents and the caravans are fewer and fewer, and they are replaced by Mobile-homes! Since the birth of the Mobile-home in the 70’s, the Mobile-homes continue to attract more and more French people. The proof is that the national park of Mobile-homes has got more than 250,000 Mobile homes today!

Let’s have a look at the advantages of these mobile homes.

It is as comfortable as your house

You don’t have a caravan or a Mobile-home, and you are not keen on camping in a tent. If you are looking for an economical solution to take your family on holiday, the Mobile-home is for you! It offers all the pleasure of camping with the comfort of a house.

Spending your holidays in a Mobile-home is as if you moved your main home on your holiday resort. You keep your habits, your comfort and also your neighbourhood life with new neighbours – some of whom will become friends! This type of accommodation allows to ignore the weather and to spend more time on holiday.

Once you are made yourselves comfortable in your 18 to 40 m², enjoy your small bedroom, the children room, the main room which is the living-room, the dining-room and the kitchen, and do not forget the terrace for your meals and evenings with your family and your friends.

The price: between the price of a camping and the rent of a house/flat

Renting a Mobile-home is cheaper than renting a furnished house/flat or paying a room in a hotel. As for the purchase, it is an interesting alternative compared to the classical property because its cost is lower and it is tax-free!

The prices of the rent of the Mobile-homes vary according to the services of the camping site, its size (2/3 places or 6/8 places), the region (Mediterranean coast, Atlantic coast, countryside, mountain), but, in general, the prices are the same as the prices of the other types of accommodation (the self-catering cottage or some residential hotels). In the Domaine of the Oréades in Sanguinet in the Landes, the price varies from 281 Euros per week to 702 Euros for the rent of a Mobile-home.

Equipped kitchen, sheets, air conditioning, television TNT, microwaves, private parking, terrace and set of garden furniture, swimming pool, etc… Here are some of the numerous advantages included in the rent of a Mobil-home.

Numerous services

Today, the services of a camping site seem to be the ones of a resort: swimming pool (with deckchairs, sunshades and toboggan), aqua gym, bar/restaurant, mini-market, playground, animations, sports activities, spa space of the Oréades.

One of the great interests is the kid club which allows to the children to get friends, to have fun and to give a break to the parents.

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