The equipped, smart, aesthetic and ecological Mobil-home charms all the generations. Nevertheless its interior design is not easy. Like all the small surfaces, its organisation and its arrangement have to give a welcoming feeling of space and well-being. Have you just bought a new or a second-hand Mobil-home or do you want to freshen up your holiday’s house? Purchases and lying out of the furniture, recommended colours, here are with 5 non-exhaustive tips some advice to redesign your Mobil-home.


1. Some questions you should ask yourself before redesigning your Mobil-home

The first question you must answer before you buy the furniture for your Mobil-home is: how many people are going to live there on a regular basis and which activities will they have? A family with children will need a kitchen and several bedrooms; meanwhile a single person will be satisfied with a bed and few pieces of furniture.


2. Comfort is essential

A Mobil-home is usually a holiday’s house, so comfort is essential. Moreover it requires consideration and you must take your time before starting the redesign.


3. Luminosity is a must

It is necessary to consider luminosity, the windows can’t be obstructed. The semi-darkness would make the place unpleasant and unbearable in the long term.


4. Smart furniture

When you choose the furniture, do not forget to buy modular and built-in pieces of furniture to avoid the feeling of oppression which will make the space smaller.


5. Use colour !

Blue, green, yellow…which colour can you choose for the decoration? Colours have an influence on the visual perception of space: they have the power to make a room bigger or smaller. With colour, you can delimit the space. In a big room, it will separate the eating area from the living-room, by painting the ceiling or even the floor. If the painting is a fast solution to freshen up the inside, it is sometimes difficult to use and many people are afraid of using painting so……. they only use the colour white. It is true that strong colours often give an overwhelming impression. So if you are afraid to be wrong, use the colours with moderation.


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