Pêche des carnassiers dans les Landes : bientôt l’ouverture !Pike, perch, silurus or even pikeperch, fishing carnivorous fish in the Landes opens the 1st of May. And that is perfect ! The 1st of May is a bank holiday, it is Labour Day…

Thanks to a rainy winter which has given an excellent reconstitution of the water levels, this new season, which is just about to start, turns out to be very promising.





Pêche des carnassiers dans les Landes : bientôt l’ouverture !A huge ground of fishing!

11 600 hectares of lakes and stretches of smooth water, the Landes offer a very important diversity of fishing places for the carnivorous fish. Fishing on the shore, in a boat, in a kayak or in float-tube, there are different kinds of fishing for everybody’s taste with important places open to the navigation.




Pêche des carnassiers dans les Landes : bientôt l’ouverture !

Where can you fish in the Landes?

  • In the lakes in the east of the county (most of them are artificial lakes), from Gabarret to Hagetmau going by Aire-sur-l’Adour or Grenade-sur-Adour : pike perches, perches and pikes;
  • In the river Adour, upstream to Aire-sur-l’Adour to Mugron going by Grenade-sur-Adour, Saint-Sever : pike perches, perches ;
  • In the river Adour and in the river of Pau from Pontonx-sur-Adour to Urt going by Peyrehorade : many pike perches with very big ones from Saubusse to the limit of  Urt  and perches in the big rivers (Peyrehorade) ;
  • The rivers  Luy, Gabas or also Midouze have some pikes and perches ;
  • Natural lakes in the south and south-west of the county, from  Tarnos to Léon going by  Seignosse and Soustons have a lot of perches, pikes and a few pike perches according to the different stretches of water;
  • The big natural lakes in the north-west of the county, from Mimizan to Sanguinet going by Biscarrosse: pike perches, perches and pikes.


Pêche des carnassiers dans les Landes : bientôt l’ouverture !Nine additional lakes open to the navigation

Nine lakes will open to the navigation for the first time for halieutic purposes in the county of Les Landes. Only six will open to float-tube and three will open to any kind of boat. A specific regulation has been set up as well as the necessity of having a navigation card (free).

For more information go to the internet site of La Fédération départementale de pêche dans les Landes. 


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