March 10th saw the start of the fishing season – for the salmonids and therefore trout.  This allows us to take stock of the fishing situation in Les Landes and in particular in Sanguinet.

The Landes, Fishing Country

There are 6600 km of brooks and rivers in Les Landes, as well as 11 600 hectares of lakes, ponds and other stretches of water. Furthermore, in order to prepare the season, the AAPMA of Les Landes (Associations Agréées) carry out regular trout re-stocking in the rivers, lakes and stretches of water.

So you are thereby free to walk where you choose and enjoy the different possibilities our countryside offers you.

To help you discover new fishing places, Les Landes Federation for Fishing and the Protection  of the Aquatic Environment has put its comprehensive fishing guide 2012 in Les Landes  online on its website at your disposal.


Fishing Landes

Fishing in Sanguinet

In Sanguinet lake, there are numerous species of fish : eels, black-bass, pike, gudgeon, pike perch,… and trout of course ! Note that :

  • The trout season is from March 10th to September 16th, with a maximum catch limited to 10 trout per day ;
  • The pike, perch, black-bass and pike perch season is from May 1st to the end of January ;
  • The gudgeon season is from January 1st to April 15th and from June 2nd to December 31st.

Note that you can start to fish half an hour before sunrise, and up to half an hour after sunset as well.

You can also fish in the nearby rivers : The Gourgue, The Canal and The Arieste.

There are various fishing methods : live bait fishing, angling, dragnet fishing (except during the week-end, from Saturday 6 pm to Monday 6 am), fly fishing and ground bait fishing.


What you have to know if you are a beginner

Carte de peche Landes

You will need a fishing licence. No need to worry, this is very simple via the official website for  getting  fishing licences online. Created in December 2011 by the Fédération Nationale de la Pêche en France, it’s a very complete website :

  • Fishing news
  • Practical services
  • E-subscription

You can choose your type of licence according to your skill, your age and your needs –  daily licence, a 7 day holiday licence , young  children’s licence or standard annual licence.

By the way, you need to know that all fishing rights  belong  partly to the State and  partly to the shoreline residents of lakes, rivers or ponds. Therefore there are AAPPMA (Associations agrées de pêche) which lease out fishing rights in order to share them with  fishers. The Fishing licence formalizes and ensures your right of access to where you want to fish.

So see you on to choose and print your fishing licence from home !



photo credit: Theophilos via photopin cc