Gastronomie : les Landes comptent le plus grand nombre de produits avec un label de qualitéAfter an exceptional Indian summer, autumn is coming slowly on the Oréades in Sanguinet in the Landes. All this is for next year : the wellness area in the Oréades, the supervised beaches in September in the Landes or even Bisc’ aventure : tree climbing park near Sanguinet… Now let’s see top 5 of the museums in the Landes, redesign your Mobil-home with these 5 tips and the delicious cooked dishes !


Good news! The Landes is the French department which has the biggest number of farm products known with a quality label. There are 7 quality labels:

  1. The farm duck of the Landes (“label rouge” quality label for meat) ;
  2. The poultry of the Landes (Label rouge and I.G.P), the Saint-Sever farm chicken which is particularly renowned (Label rouge) ;
  3. The Chalosse beef (Label rouge and I.G.P) ;
  4. The Sables of the Landes asparagus (I.G.P) ;
  5. The Adour kiwi (Label rouge and I.G.P) ;
  6. The Tursan wines (AOC) and I.G.P of the Landes ;
  7. The Armagnac and the “floc de Gascogne” (regional wine) (AOC).


–> Note that the defence and the promotion of the gastronomy in the Landes are realized by Qualité Landes, a departmental association, which was founded by the ‘Conseil Général des Landes’ (general council in the Landes) and the Chamber of Agriculture in the Landes.
It is mainly from these products that the dishes, which contribute to the fame of the food of the Landes, are cooked. What is the best? The duck! Many people in the Landes farm ducks or buy them each year to can them. The markets dedicated to the foie gras are numerous; the most important are certainly those in Amou, in Dax, in Peyrehorade and in Mont-de-Marsan. All the pieces of the duck (and also of the goose) are eaten. The most appreciated dishes are:

  • The foie gras (cooked, half-cooked or raw) ;
  • The magret (fillets of duck) (raw, but also smoked or dried) ;
  • The duck legs and duck wings preserved in fat ;
  • The gizzard preserved in fat ;
  • The rillettes and “graisserons” (or more commonly called “titiouns” or “titions”, Gascony word for “graisseron”)…


Whether it is duck, chicken or beef, the meat is served mainly with potatoes cooked in the fat of the duck, or even ceps.


The “assiette landaise”, a dish that can’t be ignored


One of the most famous dishes in the Landes food is the “assiette landaise”, which is composed of asparagus, corn, pine kernels, Bayonne ham (three essential products in the Landes), slices of smoked or dried fillet of duck, gizzards preserved in fat and foie gras.


The Landes: the cradle of the “pastis landais” and the “Tourtière”


As regards pastry, the specialities of the Landes are the « pastis landais » and the «tourtière » (cake with puff paste with apples or prunes).


By clicking here, find the best recipes of the Landes:


And if you are lucky to stay at the Domaine des Oréades in Sanguinet or to stay nearby, go and eat at la Table du Domaine des Oréades where Laurent and Christelle will cook the best specialities of the Landes !!


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