Holiday in a mobile home, what could be better …
Since its first use in the 70s, mobile-home never stopped attracting more and more French people. Today the number of mobile-homes in France exceeds 250 000 units !
This year, despite the poor weather, the camping attendance has even increased by 3,2 % compared to last year, reaching an all time record (source: Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry).
In fact it is the de luxe camping sites which have come out best with an attendance growth of 5%. Frédéric Lefebvre declared,” This summer’s winners are all those who privileged the highest standards in terms of quality of services and variety of activities on offer. This is the most effective strategy to adopt  to deal with  increasing international competition.”
So, is a holiday in a mobile-home  better ?Holidays in a mobile home are better than camping in a tentBecause life is more comfortable in a mobile-home : fully fitted kitchen, plenty of storage space, the possibility to rent an individual barbecue, individual bathrooms, several bedrooms, heating for winter, air conditioning for summer and above all hard roof for rainy days.

Holidays in a mobile home are better than in a camping-car

Because once settled in the mobile-home, we are free to use our car as and when we like, which is very practical for walks and excursions in the area.

Holidays in a mobile-home, are better than in a hotel

Because in a mobile-home, you are like being at home.There are no deadlines to meet; you are not forced to leave your room at noon; your holiday budget is much more reasonable.

And we really have the feeling of being  close to nature. The mobile-home living-space is extended by a terrace which allows you to be outside most of the time, from breakfast till the last drink at night. The terrace is wide enough and sufficiently well-equipped for you to be  able to welcome friends and enjoy chatting, having diner, reading or relaxing.

Holidays in a mobile-home, are better than renting a flat

Because in mobile-home, you can quickly make friends; neighbours greet each other quite naturally and we meet and fall into conversation easily with people that we would not have met elsewhere. There is always friendliness and a good atmosphere because  people on holiday have more time and are always in a good mood ! (well, most of the time )

Furthermore all facilities proposed such as swimming pool, bar, restaurant, internet room, ping pong, adventure playgrounds, activities… help in meeting friendly people in a variety of settings.

Well, holidays in a mobile-home, REALLY ARE BETTER, aren’t they ?