For the 7th year, the tourist season of Les Landes will open, from April 7th to May 1st, with Les Landes Springtime. The aim, for the tourism professionals of Les Landes and for Les Landes people in general, is to turn their area into  a true natural leisure park, open to a maximum number of people.

Les Landes Springtime – Edition 2012


Come and try the nature experiment

This  slogan is based on the desire to share the magnificent natural heritage of Les Landes –  a coastline with more than 100 km of sandy beaches, the largest forest of Europe, amazing lakes, numerous footpaths of the nature reserves, the Gascon gardens …


Activités printemps des landes

Many activities either free or at reduced rates

Open-air music, bike hire, surfing for beginners, birdwatching in the Orx marshes, all kinds of guided tours, the Sanguinet fishing festival… This is the time to participate in some of the hundred or so activities on offer, most of which are free, and to discover and enjoy Les  Landes’  idyllic countryside.


Children spoilt for choice

Shows, science workshop or creative workshop, fishing for beginners, rallies, pony rides, treasure hunts, many challenges… Small children are eagerly awaited for the Easter holidays. Mums and Dads, seize the opportunity now!


Country Specialities

During Les Landes Springtime, many restaurants will also propose their  country  specialities. Sweet or savoury, with a glass of local wine, they will help you to discover Les Landes through our local products.

What about you? What will you be doing for the spring holidays ?

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