Les Oréades celebrates its 10th anniversary

In 2012, Les Oréades celebrates its first decade. 10 years –  quite impressive really !

A lot of work has been done, and many  improvements made over the years: building work, innovations, working discussions …

And above all, many delightful contacts –  within the team itself, and then with you, our residents, our holidaymakers, daytrippers or regular tourists, young people, older ones, children, families, friends … our friends !

In order to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are organizing a grand meal on June 2nd with all the residents of Les Oréades, but we will have the opportunity to talk about all that with you at some later stage.

In order to plan this event, as well as all the great days that will follow this summer, we suggest you  send us your best photos on our Facebook page : ones that are moving, unusual,or simply  funny –  all  photos of the Oréades and the Lake are welcome ! Do not hesitate to dig out old photos; it would be fun to see how the Domaine and its team has changed and evolved  over the  years…

In order for you to benefit from this and as a present,  the most beautiful photos will be framed and displayed at the Domaine this summer, so get going; start searching through your personal archives !

Yours faithfully,

Stéphanie and Pierre-Arnaud Duluc

(photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc)