La saison estivale démarre ! Les Oréades sont prêtes !

« Seven hectares, 200 Mobil-homes including 70 for rent, 1 restaurant, 1 swimming-pool, 1 brand-new balneo space, 1 play area, etc…Pierre-Arnaud and I, with a team composed of six persons are waiting for you with eager!

For the third consecutive year, I really do not regret having given up my career in industrial planning to dedicate myself only to  Domaine des Oréades which my husband Pierre-Arnaud have managed with his father for around ten years.

“Indeed, I feel really happy each morning when I get up just to know that my working day will be in a great environment with a privileged contact with our residents.”

A team of the UCPA (a national association of field sports centers) only for you and your children

« For this new summer holiday season we have decided to call on a team of UCPA (Union nationale des centres sportifs de plein air). In addition to the classes of aqua-aerobics which take place each morning in our swimming-pool, we have decided to offer many activities that you will practice with your family such as archery, rock climbing, water polo, cycling, canoeing, badminton, etc.

But there is more! A children club will take care of your kids! What is the programme? There are all the activities mentioned above and also… a party and a circus!”

24 new pitches on sale

« I can tell you that we have been keeping busy to allow you to purchase one of the 24 new pitches that we are finishing to prepare. And if you want to rent one our Mobile-Homes this summer, there are still some left, which are very spacious for your family and your friends!

Waiting for seeing you at the reception or during one of our karaoke nights or moules-frites (mussels-fries) nights, I let you cast a glance at the photos of our so nice place taken few days ago.

For some of you, the photos will help you to be patient until our next meeting …

For the others, the photos may make you want to come?

See you soon  »

Stéphanie Duluc