Le Raid landais débarque à Castets  Sport adventure is open to everybody; here it is the concept of the Raid of the Landes which is taking place during a week end: Saturday 5th  and Sunday 6th  of October 2013 in Castets in the Landes.

Mountain bike, orienteering race, canoeing, coastering, watercross, rollers, passage of rope, running…a vast number of activities and great moments when the raiders have real sensations.

The Raid of the Landes is a sportive concept which only calls for strength and knowledge. Physical endurance, a good sense of direction, intuition, solidarity and team spirit are the essentials required to run this multisport Raid with sense of direction as the dominant.

Some advice:
  • 1. A good reading of the map can avoid kilometres too many ; train on maps IGN (French geographical institute) of your region – mark a starting point- mark an arrival point and try to find the best adapted itinerary to your means of evolution , in order to get the straightest progression and by this way, rally the two points in the shortest time possible;
  • 2. A map wallet for  mountain bike and running will help your progression with a map always in good condition (in case of rain) and above all you won’t have to hold it;
  • 3. Train for orientation: a permanent course with 35 posts has been created in Castets.


Which courses ?

Samedi 5 octobre au départ de Soustons à 10 heures, arrivée à Castets :

Saturday the 5th of October departure in Soustons at 10 A.M, arrival in Castets:

  • Running marked: 6 km;
  • OC canoeing : 7 km ;
  • OC mountain bike : 15 km ;
  • Coastering (Bike and run) : 6 km + 2 marked ;
  • Roller : 15 km ;
  • Mountain bike reading of map : 25 km ;
  • Total: 76 km.

Sunday the 6th  of October departure in Pontonx at 8:30 A.M, arrival in Saint-Paul-lès-Dax:

  • Running marked : 10 km ;
  • Canoeing : 7 km;
  • Roller : 7 km ;
  • Mountain bike reading of map : 25 km ;
  • OC : 5 km ;
  • Bike and run : 15 km ;
  • Total: 69 km.


Information and registration here.


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