The Sanguinet Lake

A listed natural site, the lake of Cazaux and Sanguinet is one of the largest lakes of Les Landes. Straddling La Gironde and Les Landes, it is connected to the Bassin d’ Arcachon and the lake of Biscarosse via the Les Landes Canal.

This lake was formed by the accumulation of fresh- water on the Landes plain, and particularly via the river Gourgue, engulfing little by little three villages with their objects, furniture and  pirogues.

The Explorations

From the 70s, divers from CRESS (Exploration and Research Centre for the Sanguinet Site) have explored the site of Sanguinet. Several engulfed sites have been discovered:

  • The village of Losa (Gallo-Roman village),
  • The village of Estey de Large ( 2nd century BC.)
  • The village of Put Blanc ( 5th century BC.).


Museum Sanguinet


The Sanguinet Archaeological Museum

Located near the town hall square in Sanguinet, the museum has a collection of objects found at the bottom of the lake through the years : pottery, jewels, coins, furniture, tools and 3 pirogues.

The Sanguinet  museum  explains also the formation of the lakes, their ecosystem, the life of people before the villages were engulfed as well as the excavation works of the divers.

Sanguinet Museum

  • Place de la Mairie – 40460 Sanguinet
  • Tél : 05 58 78 02 33
  • Website of the museum
  • Rates : Adults 4,00 € / Children 2,00 € (free for children under 6) / Family 10,00 €