You spend your holidays in the Domaine des Oréades or you mean to do it….You are determined to take the advantage of the opportunity  to get fit again thanks to the sea-walking or thanks to  the walks around the lake of Sanguinet.

Nevertheless, a good health is neither acquired nor maintained only by practicing a sportive activity. A varied and balanced diet is essential for the good functioning of the human body. And it is also due to the presence of seafood in our plate……..And it is great: there is plenty of seafood in the Atlantic Ocean!

The Christmas and New Year celebrations have gone, and at the same time the oysters, scallops, lobsters, clams, etc…But, as far as possible, we should consume seafood the whole year as it is full of the surprising powers anti-ageing and anti-stress. But it is not all. Thanks to the vitamins and oligominerales in the seafood, the seafood is excellent for the form and health !

Rich in proteins for the muscles (100 g of shelled shrimps give as many proteins as a steak of the same weight), seafood has less than 2 % of fat, mainly under the form of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) which protect the organism.

With iron, magnesium, copper and manganese, seafood is very rich in oligominerales, which are very effective against tiredness and for the strengthening of our immune defence system. We must not forget to mention the calcium and the phosphor, which are essential for the growth and conservation of the bones in a low-milk diet. On the other hand, it is very rich in sodium so be careful with low-salt diet and cholesterol !

All the vitamins are in the seafood!

Quite all the vitamins are in the seafood, from the vitamin A to the vitamin C, even the vitamins of the group B. The seafood is easily digested and its low-energy content makes it the basis of balanced diets, but without too much mayonnaise or bread!

In short, seafood is :

  • Excellent against the cardiovascular diseases thanks to the presence of Omega-3.
  • Essential in the formation of the bones and the teeth, in the growth, the regeneration of the tissues, the preservation of a normal pH in the blood thanks to the presence of phosphor.
  • Essential in the formation of the red corpuscles and in the transport of the oxygen in the blood thanks to the iron.
  • Good for the immune reactions, the perception of the taste, the healing of the wounds, the development of the fetus, the implementation and to the release of the insulin thanks to the zinc.
  • A perfect source of Vitamins B which play an important part in the metabolism of all the cells, the formation of the red corpuscles, the transmission of nerve impulse, the maintenance of the nerve cells and the cells making the bone tissue.
  • Invaluable thanks to the copper, for the formation of the haemoglobin and the collagen in the organism.
  • A rare support given to the organism against the free radicals.
  • Necessary to the regulation of the growing, the development and the metabolism thanks to the iodine.

Enjoy your meal and have a good holiday in the Oréades!

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photo credit: A Culinary (Photo) Journal via photopin cc
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