Pascal, 35 years old, single and from Bordeaux, spent 15 days this summer at Les Oréades. He kindly agreed to answer a few questions. Thank you Pascal 🙂


This is the first time you have spent your holidays in Les Oréades. Why did you choose our Domaine ?

I was looking for a location near Bordeaux, in a pleasant environment and with a high degree of comfort, somewhere at the top of the range and with plenty of facilities.


Why did you choose to rent a mobile-home ?

I wanted to take advantage of the proximity of the lake at Sanguinet, have all the comfort of a small individual house at my disposal : quietness, terrace, small garden, swimming pool, fully equipped kitchen, individual barbecue … and at the same time benefit from the service of a residential domaine : restaurant with  take- away meals.

Furthermore, I wanted to be able to invite some friends, have dinner with them and accommodate them in an individual bedroom.

You seem very satisfied with your stay here. What are the main qualities of the Oréades in your opinion?

The landscaped surrounding has been excellently thought out : not only is it pleasant to admire, but it ensures complete privacy as far as your neighbours are concerned. We don’t have to systematically draw the curtains in our mobile-home. And so you really feel as if you were in your own little holiday cottage and that is very pleasant.

Will you come back again ?

Of course I will ! I am even thinking about purchasing my own mobile-home….