Of course when the weather is nice, strolling and relaxing by Sanguinet  lake are the best activities. But when it is raining, you’ve got to find somethingelse to do. Here are a few suggestions for different activities you can enjoy in the area when it is raining.

What can you do in Sanguinet when it is raining ?

Staying in Sanguinet

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The Sanguinet Museum

In the Town Hall square in Sanguinet, the municipal museum has got a collection of objects of historical interest found at the bottom of the lake and explains everything about the formation of the lake, the archeological excavation works, and life in the drowned villages.

The butterfly greenhouse in Sanguinet

A huge butterfly glass building you can wander through in a beautiful tropical setting in the heart of Les Landes !


Discover Les Landes

The seaplane museum in Biscarosse

You will learn all there is to know about  seaplane history throughout the world. Avenue Louis Breguet in Biscarosse.

The chocolate-maker’s workshop Alienor

The visit is free at the exhibition centre of La Teste, and you can benefit from their very attractive prices. You can visit the workshop with or without  guided commentary.

The Marquèze eco-museum , in Sabres

Reconstitution of a village of Les Landes : You will discover the houses, occupations, traditions and activities of Les Landes during 19th century.


Venture further afield – to the county of La Gironde

Wine tasting in a chateau

The villages of La Gironde, where you can discover chateaux with vintage wines, are a feast for the eyes and taste buds. Do you already know Saint-Emilion, Margaux, Pauillac… ?

Now it is your turn…Share with us all your tips on how to spend a day in the rain in Sanguinet !