Landes: Arte Flamenco celebrates its 25 years in July!The city Mont-de-Marsan is ready to live a great artistic moment!

Actually, from the 1st  to the 6th  of July 2013, the administrative office of the Landes will celebrate the 25 years of Arte Flamenco, the biggest flamenco festival outside Spain, which has been UNESCO Heritage Site since 2010.

On the one hand there will be shows with an admission charge, on the other hand there will be a free program open to everybody…..Dance, guitar, compàs and palmas, cajon, singing, meetings with artists, and also training courses! Have a look at the program of a special event with Andalusian colours….which expects more than 30,000 festival-goers.

A program Olé which starts off rather well from the first day!  

  • A great opening evening;
  • Two shows with an admission charge each evening ;
  • Two free shows each evening ;
  • A closing show-diner  [with the participation of Michel Guérard, Star Chef in the restaurant Les Prés d’Eugénie in Eugénie les Bains] ;
  • Shows in the streets during the whole week ;
  • A festival off in the streets , pubs,  cafés and restaurants in Mont-de-Marsan ;
  • A  free « fin de fiesta » in the open air ;
  • A section « visual arts » ;
  • Training courses of dance, music and singing ;
  • Activities for « young audience ».


Four emblematic places

  • The  Espace  François Mitterand ;
  • The local theatre;
  • The café Cantante ;
  • La Bodega.
  • And the Festival Village, a reception place in the city for the meetings between the artists, the audience, the press…

medium_5008990661World-famous tops of the bill

Maria Pages, Diego and Pepe Del Morao, Fuensanta La Moneta, Javier Latorre, Diego Aamador, Dorantes, Mercedes Ruiz, David Lagos, Santiago Lara, Arcangel and Esperanza Fernandez, José Valencia and Pedro El Granaino, Tomatito… The most famous flamenco artists had arranged to meet at Arte Flamenco.

A festival « Off »

The festival will be a convivial moment for everybody as it offers training courses of baile (dance) for the children to the flamenco circus show by the company Albadulake, even a treasure hunt in the city and shows in the street.

Arte Flamenco also means exhibitions and conferences, films and short-length films…In brief, the whole city of   Mont-de-Marsan will live at the rhythm of Spain and flamenco during the festival….… Muy caliente !


Scan the program, the prices and bookings on the Internet site of Arte Flamenco.


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photo credit: aiscube  via photopin cc

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