Sans titre1You have decided to spend your holidays at the seaside near the Atlantic Ocean and you aren’t 20 years old anymore…

Among the soft activities you can do such as walking around the lake of Sanguinet, now there is the sea-walking also known as “Longe-côte” in French.

This sport, which was firstly practiced in the North of France, on sandy beaches, consists in walking with water up to the diaphragm with a canoe paddle.

What does it consist in? In walking waist-deep in the sea going for a walk on the open sea armed with a paddle.

And what about the paddle? It is very easy; the sea-walking (“longe-côte”) is to the sea what the cross-country ski is to the mountain. The paddle is used to get foothold, making easier the sequence of the movement of the legs which are completely in the sea and also to help to walk across the waves.

Whatis the equipment?

Sans titre2On top of the paddle, the equipment is what a person needs for an aquatic activity taking into account the season:

  • A dive wetsuit or a windsurf wetsuit ;
  • Aqua diving slippers or sailing aqua slippers

Is it good for the health?

It is excellent! The practice in the sea allows exercising weightless so without any restraints of knee, ankle…joint linked to the weight, especially for the lumbar area and the lower limbs.

Moreover the sea-walking allows to develop:

  • The abdominal muscles
  • The muscles of the top part of the body.
  • The muscles of the back.


–> This is worth noting that this sport is excellent for the blood circulation. Actually, this activity favours the venous return, which gives a sensation of light legs after the activity and that is not inconsiderable.

More information about the sea-walking here.

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